Friday, September 12, 2008

A quick reminder: giveaways & contests that are ending soon

Since I've got a big test (PhD comprehensive exam) on monday I won't be around much the next few days--and by the time I get back 2 of my current contests will have ended. So, just as a reminder...
  • If you haven't entered my Print-of-your-choice giveaway (& want to) make sure to do that before midnight EST on Sept. 15th.
  • And, if you're a newsletter subscriber, make sure to email me your funniest cat photo for the chance to win a $20 store gift certificate (also by midnight EST Sept. 15th). (If you're not, you can find out more about it here--or just sign-up via the form in the upper left corner).
  • Oh--and those looking to rack up the gift certificates are still welcome to participate in the RME giveaway.
Wish me luck--I might need it, depending on what they ask me! (LoL).

3 bits of commenty goodness:

Anonymous said... 9/13/08, 6:17 AM

Good luck! We think you probably studied real hard so we are sure you will go great!

Cats said... 9/13/08, 7:28 AM

Wishing you all the best ~ hope you ace the test!

LizzyT said... 9/14/08, 4:06 AM

Good luck with your test, I am sure you will do really well. The purple and green worked really well together and I have posted the result on my blog. Thanks for the idea!