Thursday, September 11, 2008

Us procrastinators will unite--one of these days...

In the meantime, I have some catching up to do: I'm part of a fun tag game, and I've received the Brilliante award from 3 different places and still haven't posted it. Now I'm procrastinating from studying for my big exam, however, so now I'm miraculously finding time for everything but that .

First, the tag game from BeadedTail: I get to name 5 unusual things about me, and tag 5 other people. Rather than pick people to tag, I'll let you choose--if you want to play, leave a comment and I'll add a link to you here.

Oddity #1: My middle name is Ryan, a "boy's" name, but I went by that name until I was 10 and got sick of being teased all the time (I switched to an abbreviated form of my first name instead). Now I kind of miss "Ryan" though, so I use variations of it for internet aliases and pseudonyms all the time--for example, I'm "Rya" or "Ryarianne" most places online.

Oddity #2: I'm unbelievably frightened of spiders but I love snakes. Go figure.

Oddity #3: My fear of spiders actually causes me to catch and release them when I find them inside, rather than kill them, because I've convinced myself that if i don't hurt them they won't hurt me.

Oddity #4: I'm enrolled in a PhD program in (basically) writing, yet I feel far more comfortable talking about intellectual ideas than writing about them.

Oddity #5: I love the smell of coffee but absolutely hate the taste of it. I drink ginger or licorice tea instead (which I guess should count as an additional oddity, since I don't know anyone else who likes licorice tea).

Second, the Brilliante award. BeadedTail, Miz Allie Cat, and TeamSquidEtsy were all kind enough to give me this award. Since I just nominated 7 blogs for my cat award the other day I'm not going to nominate any more at this time (plus it seems everyone I read has already gotten this, and it irks my self-centered creative side to be passe--lol). However, I am very grateful to be the lucky recipient of this award--thank you so much!

5 bits of commenty goodness:

Lux said... 9/12/08, 12:24 AM

Wow, you're afraid of spiders??? They're one of my favorite things! (But my beans don't feel the same way.)

Congrats on your award!

ixela said... 9/12/08, 3:15 AM

Congrats on the award!!!

Anonymous said... 9/12/08, 5:14 AM

Our Nana is scairt of spiders, too! We like to catch all kinds of bugs, even spiders!

Ailurophile said... 9/12/08, 6:46 AM

I do the same with lizards ~ release them if my cats get hold of one ~ cuz I have evidence that they retaliate directly against me otherwise by hiding in my shirts that I am about to wear...

BeadedTail said... 9/12/08, 12:00 PM

You love snakes? I just got goose bumps writing that - I'm terrified of snakes! I'm the designated spider remover in our household so I don't mind them although I don't like them - especially the ones as big as the palm of my hand!

Thanks for playing along! I enjoyed reading your "oddities"!