Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tags giveaway winners: Just call me a big sucker...

Big SuckersThere were seven entries for the cat tag giveaway, and I guess I'm just not a very fierce businesswoman because I can't say no to all that kitty cuteness--so I'm making some extra tags to go to all these kitty homes:
  1. Victor &/or Nina, two great tabbies
  2. Jax, the kitty assistant for Start to Finish Supplies
  3. One of the artsy kitties of SharonHart
  4. The fabulously-named Ghengus Le Chat (kitty supervisor of Viveca)
  5. The uber-handsome escape artist Angus Mhor
  6. The sometimes sneaky and always adorable Grr
  7. And Marigold's kitty Eliot (who has no blog to link to :(

If you're one of the winners please email me the address you'd like your tag to go to (you can send the info to purrprints at gmail dot com)

Oh, and if you're a sucker like me you can find that poster at AllPosters.com

5 bits of commenty goodness:

S. A. Hart said... 9/23/08, 10:36 PM

Many thanks! Now I just need to decide which of my kitties will have the honor of wearing your tag! BTW, the package with the beautiful necklace arrived last week, just as I was going out of town and didn't have access to a computer. I love the necklace!!!!!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said... 9/23/08, 11:11 PM

Whoohoo! Thank you! Grr is going to be very pleased to show off the lovely tag, and there will be plenty of pictures. She's going to post about it tonight, and I'll e-mail you the info right away.

Lux said... 9/24/08, 12:41 AM

Congratulations to all the winners! :)

Victor Tabbycat said... 9/24/08, 12:28 PM

Fank you so furry much! We's sended you an email wif Mom's day hunin addressey. It was furry nice of you to make enuf fur all of us to be winners. We'll be good models. Well, sorta. :-)

Miz Allie Cat said... 9/24/08, 8:50 PM

you are too kind...meowwww