Wednesday, September 24, 2008

[WW] Zorro helps with my Linguistic Theory homework

6 bits of commenty goodness:

BeadedTail said... 9/24/08, 7:17 PM

What a cute tummy Zorro!

Anonymous said... 9/24/08, 8:00 PM

Cats are very good when it comes to any kind of theory!

Lux said... 9/25/08, 2:25 AM

I can tell that he's working very very hard, and probably needs either a nap or a treat! :)

Daisy said... 9/25/08, 6:22 AM

Zorro, I think you are very smart!

Ailurophile said... 9/25/08, 7:13 AM

Oh I just wanna give him many many tummy rubs :)

Anonymous said... 9/25/08, 8:10 PM

must. snorgle. tummy. !!!