Sunday, September 21, 2008

A few more minutes of fame: Two treasuries

See, I told you I was headed for stardom--and now look, two treasuries at the same time--next step, Hollywood! To all those personal assistants of super-famous celebrities that I'm sure are already reading my blog since they know I'm obviously the next big thing, act fast on getting my goodies for your celeb--I'd hate you to miss out on being the person who discovered me, after all.

Anyway, all wit aside, (I know, hard to imagine, since I'm just so funny. It's hard, but I'll try not to make you laugh for just a moment or two. I'm sure your sides are positively aching and could use a rest anyway.) I am always excited when I get into a treasury (for those unfamiliar with Etsy, treasuries are basically public showcases of individual members favorite items; it's a real compliment to be included)--and these two I'm particularly happy about. The first one is a treasury+Buy-n-Replace (or BNR) game from a fellow EtsyForAnimals member--it has some really cool stuff, and if you decide to buy something you get an item of yours in the treasury (as long as it's still active of course). Even if you don't want to play the game, though, you should check out the cool goodies--especially the catnip pillow from UberDuperCreations, for my fellow kitty-lovers out there.

The other treasury is a lovely autumn-themed collection of members from the Bluegrass (i.e. Kentucky, my home state) Etsy Street team. Though my autumn-colored Kitty Love print is, of course, just awe-inspiring and will probably make you weep with wonder (how does she do it, you will ask yourself, and I will just shyly smile and blush in an ever-so-modest way), there are some other really brilliant items in this treasury--for the bead-lovers, I especially suggest looking at the Harvest necklace from ThesePreciousThings--it's jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Sorry to do two posts so close together--but I was too excited about these treasuries to wait (plus treasuries are never up for more than a couple days).

6 bits of commenty goodness:

BeadedTail said... 9/21/08, 3:43 PM

Congratulations on being in two treasuries as once! Hope you remember the people you met along the way to your super stardom!

Vegan Mama said... 9/21/08, 6:41 PM

Awesome! Thanks for the heads up... I must have looked too early today to see this. You should feel flattered about being in two treasuries! Very cool :0)

Name: Mr. Hendrix said... 9/21/08, 6:59 PM

Hi! nice to meet you. i saw you over at the Swap N Tail blog. I like your theory, you can't have "crafts" without c-a-t-s

i like to snoopervise my mommy while she scrapbooks and crochets. sometimes she does not appreciate me.

Deb DiSalvo said... 9/21/08, 8:05 PM

Congrats on the 2 blogs - you go SUPERSTAR!!!! Please try and remember me when I see you walking down the red carpet! LOL:)

Brandon said... 9/22/08, 12:47 PM

Congrats on not just one but 2 treasuries! Remember to bring an extra pair of undies and socks when you got to Hollywood!

storybeader said... 9/22/08, 7:54 PM

you pieces are a treasure! Congrats. and welcome to the etsybloggers team!