Sunday, September 21, 2008

Child's play: JoeyAndAleethea (featured Etsy Blogger for September)

Another fun thing the Etsy Bloggers team does is feature one team member a month--this month's featured blogger is the team's fearless leader, JoeyAndAleethea, who makes really fun and unusual clothing and other goodies for kids (plus keeps a spiffy blog here).

Though I don't have kids, I'm plenty childish and thus able to appreciate all J&A's stuff. My personal favorites include the ankle biters (what a great title for pants--I totally want some--I wonder if I could convince her to try a 32 inch inseam?) and the monsterlicious swirl blanket (I guess there's nothing stopping me from getting this one, except for the very funny looks my husband might give me. Then again, I get those anyway. Hmm...).

On another note, don't forget my cat tag giveaway ends tomorrow night!

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