Monday, September 29, 2008

Candy Corn is very sad tonight...

Candy finds it totally unfair that the black cats get all the attention for Halloween. Not that she's got anything against black cats--all that bad luck stuff is just nonsense to her-- it's just that since the colors for the holiday are ORANGE and black, she figures she should get just as much attention.

She's also very sad to announce that tomorrow is the last day for the EFA Birthday Bash & sale. She's found all the contests and raffles and new PurrPrints visitors terribly exciting, and so she asked me to help drum up one last stream of guests to party with her before everything ended.

How could I say no?

You can visit her and the other etsy PurrPrints kitties here.

(For those who don't already know about the bash, myself and over 150 other etsians are offering 20% off through Sept. 30th--plus there's lots of contests and raffles and such to participate in. To learn more about it you can read my original post on the Birthday Bash.)

At least she's happy about the new blog design--especially the orange banner. She gave me and Chica & Pumuckl's mom crazy purrs for that one of course.

8 bits of commenty goodness:

Designing Hilary said... 9/29/08, 7:20 AM

Finally, I have a moment to tell ya how much I LOVE the new look! Gorgeous colors. I'm feeling sorta envious ... :0)

Mishkat said... 9/29/08, 1:12 PM

We love orange cats! Candy Corn is beautiful (and purrfect for Halloween). Oh, and the new blog colors look wonderful!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said... 9/29/08, 5:51 PM

Don't be sad Candy Corn! I just placed an order using your coupon code. I'm kind of confused though. Do I wait for a revised invoice with the coupon applied? This is my first Etsy purchase...but not my last. :)

Kim said... 9/29/08, 8:44 PM

this new design is simply gorgeous!!!!
clever clever cats :)

maayangordon said... 9/30/08, 9:59 AM

Hi, I am a guide dog raiser in Seattle, WA. The puppy I am currently raising is named Shep. I love your blog and I love reading about other people's experiences. I also have a website where I sell pet supplies and i have a blog on it also about guide dogs. I built the site to try and help raise money for guide dogs and other animal charities.

Camie's Kitties said... 9/30/08, 2:05 PM

That is a beautiful pendant. Thanks for stopping by our blog yesterday. The bed is shaped like Garfield. You can see a better picture of it here

Camie's Kitties

S. A. Hart said... 10/1/08, 12:39 AM

I love the new look to your blog! It presents your lovely jewelry in a great manner. The color choices are inspired. Well done!

chom-online said... 10/1/08, 12:58 AM

Ooooooh, poor sad candy kitty.