Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm too indecisive--what do you think?

I've read somewhere that gray is easier on the eye than white, so I changed my background. It does seem a bit more soothing, but also a bit like those example dingy socks you see in laundry commercials. So what do you think? Stick with the gray, back to the white, or some other color entirely? I'm one of those so-indecisive-I-must-set-my-clothes-out-the-night-before kinda people (when I don't I spend half an hour digging picking and choosing and inevitably end up late), so your help is appreciated!

4 bits of commenty goodness:

Deb DiSalvo said... 9/7/08, 8:18 PM

I like the gray - its very subtle and looks great!

Lux said... 9/8/08, 3:19 AM

We think it looks fine, but mom's another one of those indecisive types!

Ailurophile said... 9/8/08, 3:59 AM

Gary looks nice..for me it's just the need for change that arises after every few months..

Mo and The Purries said... 9/8/08, 9:11 PM

I like the gray, but maybe next try a light celadon like the one in your header graphic. One great thing about a template like this is you can change the background colors easily!