Monday, September 15, 2008

And the winner is... (plus a NEW cat tag GIVEAWAY, ends 9/22)

First, the winner of the print giveaway: discarding the 2 non-entry comments, there were 21 entries in the print selected the number 19--which means (drum roll anyone?) Kathy Martin Studios is the winner of a print of her choice. (Kathy, just let me know what print and what size 2.5x3.5, 5x5, 5x7, or 8x10 you would like, along with your address, by contacting me through my site on etsy).

Second, the new giveaway: So those of you who are not Kathy get too disappointed, I'm immediately starting up another giveaway--this time for my new cat tags, create din response to all the lovely suggestions you all offered in the last giveaway. These are not yet for sale on etsy because I want to make sure they're up to my exacting standards--thus your kitties have the chance to be the trend-setters.

So here's how this one will work. Winning kitties will get their very own original (each piece has been hand-drawn and thus no two are alike) cat tag entirely for free, to test and report back on--and then keep or give away as they see fit (though I hope you want to keep it!). To enter you must:
  1. Have at least one cat who wears a collar regularly.
  2. Be willing to have your cat wear this tag during their normal activities for at least two weeks. (Tags will come with a clip for easy collar attachment, though the clip is not shown here.)
  3. Be able to fill out a brief survey about what you and your cat(s) thought of the tag. (This survey won't include too many questions--it will basically ask whether you liked the look, size, and shape of the tag, how it held up under normal wearing conditions, and if you have any suggestions).
Note: If you and the kitties love it, I'd be delighted for you to mention that publicly, but it's not required--if you dislike it, however, I'd appreciate you simply letting me know what needs to be changed rather than sharing it with the world--after all, I'm doing the market research to make sure I have the best possible product before anyone starts buying and writing about it :)

I need at least five kitties to try out these cute cat accessorie. I'm eager to hear your feedback, so this giveaway will only stay open for one week--make sure to enter by September 22nd. At that time, if there are more than 5 entries, I will select the winners using again and announce them here.

How to enter:
If you meet the qualifications above, please leave a comment with the name of your kitty, whether s/he ever wears his/her collar outside, a note as to whether you'd be willing to snap a picture of your cat wearing the tag that I could use as an example to show future customers (this is not a requirment but people who are willing to share pictures will receive priority in receiving tags over those who aren't), and a tag preference if you have one (depending on who asks for what I may not be able to accomodate all requests, but I'll do my best). These tags are already made and thus can't have names and numbers attached to them, so they're purely meant to be a fun accessory to show off your kitty's sense of style.

Best of luck to all you cat fashion icons out there!

11 bits of commenty goodness:

Cats said... 9/16/08, 4:09 AM

Those are some pretty awards ~ congrats to Kathy..too bad our kitties don't wear collars or we'd have loved to enter the new contest ~ all the best for your exam :)

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said... 9/16/08, 1:15 PM

I have one cat (out of 6) who wears a collar full time. All my kitties are indoor only, but the 17 pound girl with an attitude problem (Grr) likes to sneak up on two of the other kitties and pounce, she wears a collar with a bell to warn her victims. Grr is a fluffy solid black kitty, very pretty, and would love to wear one of your lovely tags and be photographed.

BeadedTail said... 9/16/08, 6:10 PM

Congrats to Kathy for winning one of your lovely prints!

My kitties do not wear collars but your cat tags are wonderful!

Angus Mhor said... 9/16/08, 8:35 PM

I wear a collar and am a supreme escape artist! I'm also very photogenic and handsome and modest and dashing and..well, I'll stop there 'cause I don't like to talk about myself. I'd be more than happy to wear one of your purty collars and you can have as many pictures of me as your eyes can stand to look at!

Chat Blanc said... 9/16/08, 9:41 PM

The cat tags are FABULOUS! Unfortunately my kitty Maxx doesn't wear a collar, he thinks he's much too cool to be bothered with such a nuisance! He really is a big priss! :)

Viveca said... 9/17/08, 1:12 AM

My buddy Gengus Le Chat always wears his collar and ID Tag. I would love to have one of these fabulous tags and will provide a photo and testimonial.

Also I sooooooo encourage everyone to put a collar and ID tag on their cat. I volunteer at the SPCA and it is FULL of "indoor only cats" who got out and got lost. Most lost, unidentified cats never, ever make it home.

Murphy's Law applies to indoor cats ... they will get out at some point. Count on it.

S. A. Hart said... 9/17/08, 4:36 AM

Hi there! You've hit the jackpot at our house---three wonderfull kitties to choose from! First, we have "Ella"--named after Ella Fitzgerald. She's a beautiful Maine Coon Cat who sings scat when her bowl of food has any 'bottom' showing. Then, we have Tobias, who prefers to be called "Toby". He's a lovely Manx who is the ultimate escape artist! (Maybe he's going in search of a tail?) And finally, "Salem", sleek black with green eyes, he's the model of a British Shorthair Cat who loves people, but doesn't like Ella at all. Poor Ella!

Start To Finish Supplies said... 9/17/08, 9:37 AM

Jax and I would love to join in on your experiment! Jasper Jax (Jax) is about a year old. He is an indoor cat who wears a collar.

We live alone in a one bedroom apartment and he is the king of the house. There is no territory he cannot get to. As seen here he is my little theif!

I am happy to take as many pictures as you want and report back to you! He would love to have the brown tag with black dots!


Victor Tabbycat said... 9/18/08, 10:15 AM

Victor and Nina are indoor cats. Victor sometimes wears a collar. Nina always wears hers so we can find her - she has a bell. Nina would be a great model for your beautiful tags. She's only 8 lb, so can tell you if they're the right size for the petite feline.
Thanks! Lovely art - I'm glad to have found you through Entrecard.

Kathy Martin Studio said... 9/19/08, 2:11 AM

Thanks so much for the great print! This is the one that I chose for my prize:

It's super-cute. =)


Marigold said... 9/22/08, 3:37 AM

My cat Eliot is a full-time collar-wearer and a bit of a ham, actually. He'd be happy to participate in your research, especially if it means getting his picture taken. Let us know if we can help!