Friday, January 2, 2009

Yay for wintry kitty cuteness: Nov/Dec Cat Photo Contest Winner

The hubster had a hard time picking the winner from the submissions sent in by my newsletter subscribers for the Nov./Dec. contest. This time, besides just the typical difficulty of him hating to choose amongst cute kitties (during which time he mumbles and grumbles about not knowing how he could have possibly been foolish enough to volunteer to be my "objective" judge for the photos that were sent in), he also had to contend with each of the kitties vying for a different choice.

Allie Mae, of course, was pushing for this one of Luxor all snuggled up in a blanket, since she has a super-big and not-so-secret crush on him.

Snacker, meanwhile, thought that Miz Allie Cat looked adorable in her Santa hat--and like a potentially nice replacement for Allie Mae (who has been annoying him lately), pointing out to me that I wouldn't even really have to learn a new name or anything. He was undeterred by my suggestion that PBDesigns might not want to give up such a lovely kitty in the first place.

Then Puma chimed in to say he was very impressed with Angel's (of BeadedTail fame) stocking-snagging skills, hoping that if her photo won she might be willing to give him some free lessons.

However, Zorro was equally impressed with the seating selection made by QuirkyDolls's kitty, and asked me to please procure some tinsel so he could add it to his unusual perches repertoire. He also got into a slightly heated argument with Puma about why the ability to choose the perfect spot to sit was superior to the ability to stand on two paws, accusing Puma of acting far too "human-y" for a "proper" feline (Zorro has very definite notions about these things).

Still, despite all 16 kitty paws trouncing across my DH's hands as he tried to make his selection, he was finally able to decide.

So.... (kitty paw drumroll please) Congratulations, Luxor--you've won a $20 gift certificate to the PurrPrints etsy store. Just contact me about what you'd like to get with it and I'll let you know what to do from there.

They'll be another cat photo contest starting shortly for my newsletter subscribers, so if anyone new would like to participate just subscribe to the newsletter and you'll get the necessary info in the next couple days.

Thanks for sending in such wonderful, sweet, wintry photos!

7 bits of commenty goodness:

VampyVictor said... 1/3/09, 4:11 AM

Ohh Luxie!!! ConCats!!! They are very hard to choose from, you certainly had your work cut out! :)


Daisy said... 1/3/09, 9:14 AM

Congratulations to Luxor! Woohoo! And I think all the kitties are awesome.

Mishkat said... 1/3/09, 11:17 AM

All the photos are wonderful! Love the one of Luxor - great choice.

BeadedTail said... 1/3/09, 11:50 AM

Congratulations to Lux! He is the most handsome kitty and deserving of the prize!

Angel says thanks to Puma for liking her picture! Lessons on stocking grabbing are available!

Lux said... 1/3/09, 4:53 PM

Oh gosh, we wouldn't have wanted to be your hubby! I feel certain that Allie Mae nudged his hand a bit when he was choosing the winner. :)

Thanks, Allie Mae & Purrprints! I am honored ...

Mrs Mecomber said... 1/3/09, 8:43 PM

Congrats, Luxor! That is a gorgeous photo.

HotMBC and Robyn said... 1/16/09, 4:53 PM

Concats to Lux! You always have the greatest photos. Can you come teach our Mom how to do that? And no, we won't allow bleaching us because we're black cats!