Monday, January 26, 2009

Not your typical editing job

As a writing tutor, I have to say this is one of my all time favorite LOLCats. This definitely captures the thoughts that occasionally cross my mind when working with the more, shall we say, "challenging" clients--except this is actually probably nicer than some of the thoughts I occasionally have during really bad sessions.

That probably makes me sound like an awful tutor; actually, I love tutoring. It's really enjoyable helping people who want the help. I only get frustrated when people come in and then don't seem to want any help but still insist on occupying my time while ignoring everything i say. Hence, the occasional urge to edit a face or two ;)

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renovia said... 1/27/09, 7:29 AM

This is a really funny one!!!!!!!! I love it. Bookmarking......

Mishkat said... 1/27/09, 8:31 AM

I like this one too - and I can relate :)

Cats said... 1/27/09, 3:51 PM

Yep it's a great lolcat. And the kitty looks like it really means it too. Hope you find better students in the future.

And thanks as always for dropping by my blog too every week. I know the news often is sad but that's the state of animal conservation right now in many parts of the world. Often there are stories that are too horrific and I try not to post them. But it's always better to report the plight of these poor animals than stay silent about it I think - and so I keep up with this modest blogging effort. Anyways hope all is going well with your designing and studies. Take care :)

Lisa Lectura Creations said... 1/27/09, 8:19 PM

Hi Becca! Really cute and funny photo! I just love the kitty's expression. I'm glad you love tutoring! Thanks for coming to visit!

Lisa :)

Lux said... 1/28/09, 8:35 PM

That's the cutest!

Hi, Allie Mae! :)

Kay Sommers said... 1/29/09, 8:16 AM

haha.. it's so cute! i'm a graphic designer so i can relate to what you say. wish i could modify their faces as well! hahah..

anyway, very nice blog! great color choices and cute graphic all really blend well together! now my blog look so boring next to yours! wish i had more skill in CSS :P i wonder how did you get the links under your header? i can't for the life of me figure that out!

Kim said... 1/30/09, 6:22 AM

lol...PERFECT!!!!that's a keeper :D

Jo Hoffacker said... 2/1/09, 9:32 AM

I'm a math teacher, and I know exactly what you mean! :)