Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sure, I'm juvenile, but(t)...

This is just one example from my new favorite treasury on etsy--with a "butt" theme. Tee hee. Love it!

I'll be posting some cool shots the hubster got from the ice storm soon. Once we got power (and internet) back, we ran out and took pics--can't wait to share 'em.

Hope everyone else that's been affected by these storms is doing okay!

8 bits of commenty goodness:

Mishkat said... 2/4/09, 7:59 AM

That is a great print!

Glad you are OK and back on-line after the ice storm. We have been fortunately not to get any this year - ice can be beautiful but is also lethal.

Jo Hoffacker said... 2/4/09, 8:10 AM

OMG that is a bulldog butt! Ask me how I know. :)

Melinda-LookWhatMomFound said... 2/4/09, 8:40 AM

jsut wanted to let you know about the Powerballs recipe on my site. No baking, enjoy right away and they keep for a few days in a tupperware.
let me know how you like them if you try them out :)

lisa winter said... 2/4/09, 2:36 PM

that is a super crack up. what a great idea for a theme. how'd you find enough hineys for a whole treasury.

PurrPrints said... 2/4/09, 8:19 PM

Oh it's not a treasury I made--just one I saw and immediately knew I had to share :)

BeadedTail said... 2/4/09, 10:23 PM

I checked out this treasury yesterday - pretty darn cute!

Three Fates said... 2/5/09, 9:25 AM

Hahahahaha, what a funny treasury!

Lux said... 2/5/09, 3:46 PM

Can't wait to see your pictures!

That's a funny "butt" picture. :)