Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An open invitation to the kitty (and human) blogosphere

Zorro here again. Mom is still studying for her 3rd and final big exam, which is now scheduled to occur this Thursday. That means that this weekend she will be feeling all relieved and happy (even if only for a few days before it dawns on her that now she has to start "dissertating," whatever that means. Crazy humans with their made up words) and thus more inclined to pick us up and dance around the house while we yowl in protest and then reward us with lots of yummy kitty treats for tolerating her craziness.

Thus we wanted to invite anyone else in the kitty and human blogosphere to join us on the fun this weekend in any way you feel like it. I'll be trying to get Mom to post funny pictures of us running around with catnip and treats and such.

Oh and Mom asked me to say thanks to everyone who has sent their well-wishes about her various exams--she says she needs all the help she can get!

4 bits of commenty goodness:

Mishkat said... 2/24/09, 3:22 PM

Best of luck to you with the exam - but I know you'll do well. Are you taking your prelims? I'm working on a big deadline too - and someone just informed me today is Mardi Gras - oh well! Maybe we can all celebrate this weekend.

BeadedTail said... 2/24/09, 8:40 PM

I'm sending lots of good luck to your mom for her test on Thursday! I'll see what I can do to join in some fun this weekend but my real fun won't happen until after April 15th unfortunately. Anyway, good luck to your mom and just tolerate her craziness long enough to get those treats!

homemomma said... 2/25/09, 2:23 PM

Good luck to you on your exams! All kitty lovers should be extra-blessed! Cute blog, and Zorro, take care of momma!

storybeader said... 2/26/09, 9:44 AM

well, it's Thursday, and I guess the exam is over! Congrats.!!