Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mom's studying again... I decided to take over her blog for a little bit, after I noticed how long it had been since her last post. Sheesh, you'd think humans having opposable thumbs would make them better at multi-tasking, but apparently not.

Sometimes when my mom has been studying for too long she flops over sideways onto the couch and gripes and moans about why on earth she is getting a Peeaitchdee. I have no idea what this Peeaitchdee thing is, but I know when she starts complaining about it I better run fast or else I get scooped up, like this, and forced to snuggle.

Don't worry, I'm not really enjoying it; that look of purring bliss on my face is, um, just, faking it. To make her feel better. Yeah, that's it.


8 bits of commenty goodness:

Laura said... 2/15/09, 4:26 PM

I think you're a nice distraction from working on a Peeaitchdee! Good luck to your Mom!

Jo Hoffacker said... 2/15/09, 9:16 PM

I emphasize with you on the Peeaitchdee. I have one, and I did exactly the same thing!

BeadedTail said... 2/15/09, 9:43 PM

Zorro, you are going above and beyond the call of duty helping your mom feel better but it's a good thing you are able to handle the forced cuddling!

Mishkat said... 2/16/09, 3:30 PM

You look like you might be enjoying it a tiny bit, Zorro (and it's a really nice photo!)

The cats have completely taken over my blog - what can I say? They have more interesting lives than I do!

storybeader said... 2/17/09, 8:01 AM

zorro - you're so sweet to take over your mommie's blog when she's so busy and tired. Good for you!

claudio said... 2/18/09, 12:50 AM

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Duni said... 2/21/09, 4:29 AM

Awww..Zorro, you're a sweetie for supporting your mommy when she's been working so hard. And I'm sure the snuggle is not so bad...

Cat said... 3/14/09, 6:20 AM

Oh my God, my kitty has been stolen??? :-o

Seriously, Zorro, you look my Greebo from this angle. He is also a little supporter in fur, even if it's not for a Peeaitchdee ;-)