Monday, January 26, 2009

Roseworks makes me want to bead

I have no idea how to bead and (if I'm being totally honest with myself) probably will never learn--there are too many skills on my to-learn-list as it is. But when I see gorgeous necklaces like this one by Roseworks it makes me wish I could cram an extra hour or two into the day--or, alternately, win the lotto. (Of course, everything makes me wish I could win the lotto, including waking up and going to sleep, so I guess that isn't saying anything new ;)

Anyway (don't you dare call me distractable--it's merely, um, mental multi-tasking. Yeah. That's it), Roseworks has two cool etsy shops (RoseworksJewelry and kstreasures) plus a blog where she's been running a really useful series on all the different online venues where one can sell their handmade stuff--if you haven't visited that already and you're a craftisan, I strongly suggest checking it out.

4 bits of commenty goodness:

Fisher said... 1/26/09, 7:17 AM

Mental multi-tasking. I love it. Now I know how to explain what I do all day! And good luck with Lotto. After years of plotting and planning, I have decided that we will all get a turn. Problem is, I have no idea of when.

Mishkat said... 1/26/09, 8:29 AM

That necklace is really gorgeous. I love beadweaving too, and would like to learn (not enough hours in the day, though!)

Laura said... 1/26/09, 9:49 AM

She does beautiful work, and I love those hands she uses to display her pieces. Ahh, if there were only more craft hours in the day!

Rose Works Jewelry said... 1/28/09, 4:09 PM

Aww - thank you so much for such a great feature!