Friday, January 16, 2009

Puppy love is soooo passe

...especially for Valentine's Day.

Okay, yes, so this is an obvious set-up for my new so-adorable-they'll-change-your-life [insert eye roll here] "Not just puppy love" card + magnet set that I conveniently made just in time for Valentine’s Day, but still: roses, Hallmark poems, and "every kiss begins with K, now-I'm-wearing-the-same-thing-as-half the-housewives-in-America" pendants all scream (to me at least) either uninspired puppy love or panicky significant others who know they're supposed to do something, right? Or else they're in trouble.

I've been known to be a bit, shall we say, dubious regarding V-Day: The Institution. If so, this attitude might be left over from the Valentine's Day 15 years ago when...ehn, but I'll skip that story. The point is, Valentine's Day used to be distasteful because I associated it with unoriginal and insincere sap. (Amazing, I know, to discover I’m actually including a point. I think I might be breaking some unofficial rules of my blog or something.)

I don't hate V-Day anymore, because of my new self-imposed decision to take it back from the same-old sap—or make it some fun sap, at least. I, as you may have guessed by now, made this magnet for my husband for V-Day with ironical sap in mind.

I think it would be fun if people got just a little funky for V-Day, whether it's by making, doing, or buying something unusual [hint, hint to the hubster--though he's been on a roll lately, so he may not need one (grin)].

Fortunately, I'm not the only one making fun V-Day goodies. One of my personal faves right now is this anatomically correct heart pendant, with a latin inscription that means "from the bottom of my heart" (placed literally at the bottom of the actual heart. Who can resist tongue-in-cheek, joking-with-sincerity sap, as opposed to just your run of the mill stuff? Certainly not me.)

So will you be my funky Valentine, and share your funkiest V-Day idea? Besides suggesting I get off my funktified soap box, that is ;)

(Gee, I'm a little obsessed with variations on "funk" huh? I wonder if there's a treatment for that...beyond soap and water, I mean.)

(Okay, I'm truly and for real shutting up now.)

6 bits of commenty goodness:

5erg said... 1/16/09, 3:25 AM

You are talented :D

Mishkat said... 1/16/09, 9:48 AM

I think I've told you before that we don't celebrate any holidays - and Valentine's Day is included. We do give give gifts at unscheduled times; I much prefer that and so does my husband.

If I had to buy a Valentine's gift for my husband, I'd probably get a cute heart cat toys for his "baby" - Tasha the tortie. I know that would be appreciated!

PS - Despite all this, I think you know that I really like the image on the "not just puppy love" card!

Lux said... 1/16/09, 12:00 PM

My dad didn't even remember my mom's birthday! ;-)

We posted pictures of the lovely pendant and key chain!

renovia said... 1/16/09, 4:28 PM

I really like that picture! is that with your new tablet? And I agree - I don't really celebrate V-day.............contrived.

Nothinglikeit said... 1/17/09, 11:01 AM

three cheers for cat lovers!

I love, love, love that heart pendant!


storybeader said... 1/18/09, 9:43 AM

I always love coming to your blog - it's so beautiful and soothing... can't forget the lovely animals... {:-Deb