Saturday, December 6, 2008

A guest post from Zorro: Sitting pretty

Since my mom has been too busy to write about us lately, I figured I'd just take over the keyboard and do a post myself. (Sheesh--it's so hard to get good help these days.)

Anyway, since I am an absolute champion at the sport of Unusual Perching, I thought I would share a few pointers with those of you who wish to expand your seating repertoire.

black and white cat in dishwasherThis first photo is a good example of taking advantage of unusual spots that open up when your humans get distracted. Mommy was putting things into the big thing that makes weird liquid-y noises sometimes, then my obnoxious younger brother went tearing through the room and distracted her, and I took the opportunity to check out this new unusual perch.

black and white cat perching on stack of dvdsNow this one exemplifies my preferred approach to unusual perching: find the smallest surface area you can possibly fit on, preferably one that is precariously arranged, and then show off your unusual feline grace by perching perfectly atop it without knocking anything over. If possible, position yourself against a really ugly background while you're at it, so your human has to spend an hour or two going o.c.d. over removing the background and replacing it with something that doesn't hurt to look at. This way the human will keep a nice perfectly still warm lap open for a while due to sitting in front of the glow-y flat box for so long--and you can take advantage of it! This is an especially good choice during chilly winter months when it is such a bother to try to generate your own heat.

black and white cat being heldOf course, there are dangers with unusual sitting. The most risky one is the chance that your human will see you sitting there and for some reason feel the irresistible urge to scoop you up and give you kisses. Ugh!

14 bits of commenty goodness:

Furkidsmom said... 12/6/08, 7:29 PM

Zorro you are an expert at finding the right places to perch! Allie is an expert too, but she's never tried the dishwasher!! We think your Mom couldn't possibly resist snuggling and loving with you!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Michelle said... 12/6/08, 8:24 PM

I have to look inside everything I open before shutting it - especially the fridge and dryer. Your pretty cat reminds me of my Elizabeth

BeadedTail said... 12/6/08, 11:49 PM

Zorro, you are great at finding places to perch! What a great picture of you being snuggled!

Ana said... 12/7/08, 6:10 AM

Hehehe, a dish washer is a great place to sit! But somehow our Mommy starts yelling when we just come near to that thing!

That last picture of you and your Mommy is beautiful!

Daisy said... 12/7/08, 8:05 AM

Good perching, Zorro!

Mishkat said... 12/7/08, 1:04 PM

So true about posing against the ugly background! (My cats LOVE to do this - we have lots of cheap beat-up furniture, so it's not hard...)

Love the photo of Zorro and mom - you both look wonderful.

Angus Mhor said... 12/7/08, 2:15 PM

Wow, you're pretty fearless, perching on that teeny-tiny stack of whatevers..and inside that masheen that makes swooshin' noises!

But the kisses are worth it,huh?

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said... 12/7/08, 2:33 PM

I like to perch on little stacks of stuff too, but then I fling them to the floor with my back paws when I leave. Just my way of saying "Rascal was here".

Cats said... 12/8/08, 2:33 AM

This was a very useful lesson Zorro. I'll pass it on to the kitties! Your hooman did a good job at changing the background in the second picture. You are a very handsome kitty and I gave you guys an award that you can pick up anytime :)

Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said... 12/8/08, 8:50 AM

Zorro, you are very pretty in your various perching spots. My cats like to go inside the cupboard and closets whenever i open them. You are such a cutie, no wonder you mom likes scooping you up. My cats don't like it when I scoop them up either. Spunky Doodle has been perching herself on my bathroom scale each morning! She weighs 13 lbs.

June said... 12/9/08, 12:19 PM

Love your kitty!! My Shamus decided the tree was the best place to hide last year....wonder what he will break this year,lol

Lux said... 12/10/08, 8:41 PM

I *love that snuggle picture! You are fantastic at finding good perches!

Jennifer said... 12/11/08, 8:37 AM

What a cute and smart kitty! Keep up the love - I just lost my precious boy this Monday.

Nina the Torbie said... 12/12/08, 5:05 PM

Zorro, that is adorable! I pay no attention to the noisy watery thing in the kitchen, but I do like to sit on small, precarious perches! I like to sit very still when Mom looks my way, then move quickly so I'm sitting very still on another perch when she looks again! It makes her face get silly. As for getting scooped up and kissed, that's Victor's shtick! You DO look happy and comfy, though.
~ Nina Torbie