Thursday, December 18, 2008

Could frivolity be defined as "the refusal to follow directions"?

I ask this simply because I promised, in my last post, that the next post would be frivolous. Then I realized that I need to announce the giveaway winner in this post, and figured the best way to combine those two needs would be in a picture of my cats (frivolously) batting at the image of the winner on the laptop screen. Usually, of course, the cats are all too happy to attack the computer--especially, say, if I am working on some terribly important paper that is already late and I'm re-reading what I wrote and suddenly my paragraph is obscured by a big chunk 'o kitty fur as one of them slaps the screen, or sticks their head up close to the monitor for a better look, and so on.

Or perhaps I'm being unfair and they are trying to be as helpful as this kitty here?
Or perhaps, like all cats, they just love (love, love) being difficult. So that, of course, when I try to get one of them to do something cute (and frivolous) in front of the computer screen, this is as close as I get:
Anyway, as you (perhaps, if you have super-human eyesight) can see from the picture, comment #3 was selected by as the winner--thus congratulations, and a set of cat snow angel cards, go to QuirkyDolls.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my giveaway--I'll have another one again next month--and it's not too late to enter my December giveaway for my newsletter subscribers--just subscribe to my newsletter (see upper left corner of my site) to find out more.

3 bits of commenty goodness:

QuirkyDolls said... 12/18/08, 9:43 PM

WoooHoooo I haven't won anything in ages. The keecats are great!

Mishkat said... 12/19/08, 8:44 AM

I think that's a great photo of Zorro! He looks very pleased with himself for "helping" with the randomization.

That tortie LOLCAT is adorable :)

Karen & Gerard Zemek said... 12/22/08, 3:03 PM

I think Zorro did a very good job posing for you by the computer. I enjoyed your cat pictures!