Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why I'm a giveaway kinda gal (or, Thank you, you rock)

I hadn't held a giveaway of my own stuff in a while--long enough to have forgotten that one of the major perks of doing them has nothing at all to do with marketing or sales and everything to do with being a far better (and significantly cheaper!) self-esteem booster than therapy or a bottle of wine.

I just went to check out the comments on the giveaway of my Kitty Love print on the Bluegrass Etsy Team blog (where there are, by the way, giveaways going on every month from different team members) in order to get an idea of what items are worth keeping in my shop and which may not be worth renewing. My practical purpose was quickly drowned by the butterflies that swarmed my insides when I read all the nice things y'all had to say about my art, however.

So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who enjoys my work--half the joy, maybe even more, of making it comes from other people enjoying it, and I just wanted everyone to know that.

Plus, you all may have inspired me to pick up on doing giveaways more often again--like I said, way cheaper than therapy, and I'm a practical person ;)

11 bits of commenty goodness:

ChezChani said... 9/3/09, 5:48 PM

Your work is just wonderful. Truly unique...I'm going to be checking your shop out regulary. I think my BF would love one of your prints.

LoveCharlesVintage said... 9/3/09, 5:49 PM

Keep up the great work! You certainly are a talented gal.

BeadedTail said... 9/3/09, 6:12 PM

All those comments are certainly warranted as your work is fabulous! I stalk your shop quite a bit checking it out!

Kara said... 9/3/09, 6:56 PM

Yeah!!!!! Your work is amazing! keep it up, for all us cat moms!

Mishkat said... 9/3/09, 8:55 PM

You deserve all those comments, Becca - your work is beautiful! Very glad that you're enjoying the comments.

KimberlyRies said... 9/3/09, 9:43 PM

Oh Becca, I am so happy all the comments at the team blog made you feel so good. I think you had more comments than any of the other giveaways! You are right, it is a confidence booster. I'll look forward to seeing your next giveaway! Keep up the good work!

Anya said... 9/4/09, 4:08 AM

You deserve it,
your work is BEAUTIFUL (@^.^@)

Lynsi said... 9/4/09, 4:32 AM
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Lynsi said... 9/4/09, 4:35 AM

Your blog made me laugh - it is SO true !! Hopefully, one of these days I will win those damn cats!! I would like to rob you and then frame my loot :) I love kitties and kitty art is my favorite !!

thatdesigngal said... 9/4/09, 5:17 PM

I do absolutely love your work. And once the man and I get settled into the house, there will be wall on hold for one of your prints. Mark my words!!! lol

We are a fan of the kitties!

JaMean said... 9/7/09, 10:25 AM

We love practicality! And we LOVE your kitties! They are the only ones who do not trigger an asthma!