Friday, September 18, 2009

Zorro comes back from the vet

Are we finally home? Oh thank goodness!

Ugh...I'm not feeling so well...What did they give me at that place anyway?

Will you hold me mom? I still can't walk straight...

(Zorro had to have a rotten tooth extracted, poor thing)

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BeadedTail said... 9/18/09, 5:46 PM

Oh Zorro, you poor thing! Isabella went through the same thing last year. Hopefully he feels better very soon!

Higgins Design Studio said... 9/18/09, 6:50 PM

Best wishes for Zorro's quick recovery... tho he may drag it out a bit if he gets spoiled by mom...

The Creek Cats said... 9/18/09, 8:56 PM

Poor Zorro! Teeth extractions are no fun at all! Hope you are feeling all better very soon!

Thanks for stopping by and watching our video. Our foster, Saylor, is so so silly!

I LOVE YOUR ART! Great job! May have to do a little Christmas shopping in your online store!

Laura said... 9/18/09, 11:39 PM

I hope Zorro feels better tomorrow!

Katharine Yuan said... 9/20/09, 12:45 AM

I just love that last picture of Zorro! Makes me want to cuddle my wild, antisocial kitty!

Anya said... 9/21/09, 5:13 AM

Poor Zorro :(
I had last year a visit for my teeth it was not funny :(
I now how you feeling .....
hugs from me
Kareltje =^.^=

Anna Incs said... 9/24/09, 12:39 PM

Hi Zorro! this is Moosa. I own the human slave by the name of Anna but I sometimes refer to her as mom when she's been good and I want treats. I'm sneaking in some computer time while she's upstairs. need to keep up on all my feline friends...

Zorro... milk this for all you can! I am a 16 year old cat and haven't had an extraction yet but with age I know it may happen. keep your spirits up. I know how leaving the home is sometimes more traumatic than the actual vet visit.

give your mom the kitten eyes and she will melt and do what you want. I am sending you a high paw and hope you're feeling meowtastic soon.

your friend,
aka: shaka-moosa

Cory said... 9/29/09, 6:57 PM

Zorro, hope you are walking straight now and your mouth is all recovered. You sure are handsome!

Le-Chat said... 10/18/09, 4:29 AM

Zorro looks a lot like my old Tommy, who also extremely enjoyed looking out the car window, especially on the way home :) He's been long gone now. He was a great cat, thank you (and Zorro) for bringing back a sweet memory.