Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday's miscellany: Whizzer and his "lightsaber"

I thought I'd post a little video of Whizzer, our African Gray parrot, since he only had a background role in the last video. He likes to wave pens around like he's fighting with them--to me it almost looks like a kid playing at Star Wars, except he's fighting himself. The funniest bit begins around the 40 second mark.

4 bits of commenty goodness:

Anya said... 9/14/09, 4:34 PM

I had also 2 parakeets,
they are so lovely :)

Mishkat said... 9/14/09, 11:33 PM

LOL! That's a great video! Whizzer is really good at handling that pen - I'm impressed!

Higgins Design Studio said... 9/15/09, 7:17 AM

When will Whizzer 'pen' his own entry?
Adorable video!

storybeader said... 9/15/09, 8:13 AM

looks like the cats and the bird get along in your house! That's great! {:-D