Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stubborn Snacker

We usually refer to our cat Snacker as a dog. He comes when you call him, begs, does tricks, like being pet like a dog (with those hard side-thwacking whaps, rather than light and smooth, like most cats), and is desperate for human affection while chasing the other cats around like prey. So we thought we'd get one of his favorite and most dog like tricks on camera, one I call meerkat manor because he stands up and balances on his hind legs.

But instead, as soon as the camera went on, he started acting like...well, a cat...generally refusing to follow directions, looking at me like he was perfectly innocent, investigating the camera, and rolling around on the floor. I guess there are some things genetics don't lie about, and refusing to be predictable--especially in front of a camera--is definitely a feline trait. (By the way, my parrot chimes in a couple times in the background calling out Snacker's name.)

5 bits of commenty goodness:

Marla Rae Morrison said... 9/12/09, 4:05 PM

Your kitties are beautiful!

BeadedTail said... 9/12/09, 5:22 PM

Snacker is so funny! He was so cute when he came over to make sure the camera was catching him act like a cat while his mommy was trying to get him to act like a dog! Very cute!

Anya said... 9/13/09, 7:30 AM

Such a lovely video :)

Higgins Design Studio said... 9/13/09, 10:12 AM

Love it!
It was dog-like enough for him to stay near you... a lot of cats would just walk away thinking 'whatever'... you can tell he's a happy cat tho.

storybeader said... 9/13/09, 3:14 PM

now how did he know the camera was on? {:-D