Monday, August 24, 2009

My fave food, turned into a new fave find

One of the possible topics for EtsyBloggers' blog carnival this month was to talk about your favorite food. Without a doubt, that food for me is sushi. Sushi ruined my budget and my vegetarianism, but I still can't help going back for more. (Especially for the Serendipity Roll at Maido, in case there are any fellow Louisvillians reading this post...mmm, just thinking of it makes me weak in the knees.)

Anyway, knowing it's always nice to have the pretty pictures to complement my posts, I went searching on etsy to find what's going on in the sushi-themed world of handmade super-cool-ness -- and I found this delightful card, from twinravenspress. It may have to come home with me, to pass onto a fellow-sushi-lover friend with whom I share an inside joke about this particular catch phrase.

Anyone else have any favorite sushi-inspired goodness to share? I found a lot of interesting things on that theme on etsy, including some unusual ones, like sushi slippers ;)

3 bits of commenty goodness:

Sara said... 8/24/09, 2:49 PM

Cute card! I have a great sushi print coffee sleeve:) Love the fabric!

BeadedTail said... 8/24/09, 5:53 PM

That is a cute card but I've never tried sushi. I'd like to think that I would someday since I hear it's so wonderful but just don't think it'll happen.