Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zorro makes a good teacher's pet

Zorro saw that his daddy needed some help grading papers and so he settled down to provide some moral support. He was willing to do the actual grading as well, but Mark was concerned his students wouldn't comprehend Zorro's brilliant and incisive wit, so he simply consulted Zorro on any particularly difficult decisions.

Zorro, as always, offered only the sagest advice. ;)

6 bits of commenty goodness:

Laura said... 3/30/10, 9:44 PM

Sugar is the one who "helps" Daddy in our house! Very sweet picture!

BeadedTail said... 3/30/10, 10:02 PM

I think the students would love knowing that Zorro helped grade their papers!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said... 3/31/10, 6:53 AM

Isn't it sweet our cats enjoy helping us? Zorro is a cutey!

cabin + cub said... 3/31/10, 6:47 PM

Awww... zorro is so cute. I'm sure some students wouldn't have minded getting a paw print as a grade. ;)

oldblackcatboo said... 3/31/10, 9:36 PM

Hey! Love your kitties! I see Zorro and Puma but I guess I need to go back further and find your other 2! I have a weakness for black cats, but then again I'm also drawn to white ones too...
SO anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog! I went to your shop on Etsy. Loved it! and you made me laugh with the "art without cats" - 0
so funny!
Good luck with your "dolls", it will be fun to see what all you create.

Mishkat said... 4/2/10, 10:17 AM

What a great photo! It's so nice to have helpers (most of the time!)

P.S. In my opinion, our water fountain is pretty easy to take apart and clean. You have to remove the top, and then take out the filter holder with filter, and you can also remove the cord cover inside the fountain if you want to. The place that ours gets dirtiest is right around the rim (from our dirty cats!), but I'm amazed at how clean the fountain stays inside. It might be the carbon filter?