Monday, March 29, 2010

They loved it!

My committee loved my dissertation - hooray! That mans that, with the exception of a few administrative odds and ends, I am finished with my graduate education. I don't officially graduate until early May--but it's a great feeling.

Thanks everyone for your kind wishes! (And thanks as always to my sweet kitties for putting up with me [grin])

8 bits of commenty goodness:

Mishkat said... 3/29/10, 10:40 PM

Really glad to hear it went so well! (I think we can call you "Dr. Purrprints" now - even though it's not supposedly official.)

Many, many congratulations - I know how much work that is!

Laura said... 3/29/10, 10:42 PM

Congratulations, Dr. PurrPrints! Having gone through this with my husband, I know what a big deal it is. I hope you're very proud of yourself - you should be!

BeadedTail said... 3/30/10, 12:58 AM

Congratulations to you Dr. PurrPrints! Hope you celebrate your well deserved success!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said... 3/30/10, 6:44 AM

You're done, done done! Free at last--yippee hurray! Congratulations!

Higgins Design Studio said... 3/30/10, 7:08 AM

If I could purr for you - I would! Great news!

SewCalGal said... 4/2/10, 1:07 PM

Congratulations! I'm very happy for you. But I knew you would do it!


Lydia said... 4/5/10, 11:04 AM

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Roxy said... 4/9/10, 3:55 PM

yay congrats!

Just finished a board exam myself, so very happy to be done!