Saturday, March 27, 2010

Puma prefers naps and laps to apps

I had to steal mommy's blog today to say that I am really tired of this new toy she has gotten.

First of all, what kind of toy has neither catnip, feathers, fur, nor nice crinkly sounds? I mean really, what good is a toy if it doesn't have at least one of those things? (Though mommy will never get me the feather and fur ones because she'sa says they are cruel to animals. I don't know what she means - I'm an animal, and it's cruel NOT to get them for me in my opinion!)

Secondly, this new toy makes her talk funny--always going on about "apps." At first I thought she meant naps, or maybe laps, and I was excited--because those are both very good things. I just thought maybe she had forgotten how to say these crucial words because her dissertation had finally fried her brain. (I don't know what this means, but I always hear her saying this.)

But no, there has been no surplus of naps or laps since she got this new toy, which I find really annoying. instead she's constantly pointing this thing at me and fussing if i don't sit sill to make a picture like the one above. So finally I did stay still--and look what she did! she made me all sideways!

Sigh. Its enough to make me need a nap.

P.s. - mommy says you all should check out this new treasury she is in, which was made by someone in honor f their newly adopted kitties.

2 bits of commenty goodness:

Higgins Design Studio said... 3/28/10, 7:46 AM

Just be patient Puma... Mommy will find more time with you when the newness of her toy wears off a bit.
While you wait, try curling up in her lap to take one of your naps while she plays.
By the way, you look quite nice in her pic of you - even if you are all sideways!
Just remember that Mommy still loves you or she wouldn't be trying to take your picture or talk to you about all the apps.

Laura said... 3/28/10, 10:26 AM

Your Mommy will have to find an app for turning you right side up!