Monday, October 6, 2008

The second October Giveaway plus a new addition.

The second week of every month ScoutieGirl hosts a giveaway with a variety of "indie goodness"; this month's giveaway includes 15 different artisans--and there's a LOT of great stuff (my 5x7 of "Sabrina and Friends" included, of course ). Signing up is easy and you don't have to pick just one of the 15--you can enter to win as many as you want. But you'll want to be speedy because the giveaway ends Sat. Oct 11th at midnight.

On a different note, the pendants shown here are the newest addition to my etsy shop; they were made in collaboration with the unbelievably talented Artistic Flair (she makes amazing fused glass sculpture and jewelry--check out her blog and her etsy shop if you're in the mood for some pretty).

4 bits of commenty goodness:

Cats said... 10/6/08, 5:26 AM

Oh these newest additions are soooo fantastic ~ the work of a very talented artist indeed!

Victor Tabbycat said... 10/6/08, 12:32 PM

Oh Becca! ::sniff:: We is so sad! Our bootiful pendant came today an the mean ol' male man broked it! If you send us an email Mom will send you a pictor so you can see. We was so lookin forward to wearin it, an now we can't! Mom finks she can fix it a little, but not make it all the way better.
Sad purrs, Victor

Victor Tabbycat said... 10/6/08, 12:33 PM

O, duh, email.
lambj42 AT yahoo DOT com

PurrPrints said... 10/6/08, 10:32 PM

Oh no! I just sent an email--I thought the packaging i had would provide enough cushioning but obviously not--I'll send you all anew one if this one isn't fixable--I'm so sorry!