Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bittersweeets is so freakin cute I can barely stand it

I just discovered Bittersweeets' etsy shop the other day and I think I'm in love.

Angry fruit. Angry vegetables. Angry cupcakes and candy corn. Seriously--can it get any cuter? I want to buy this entire shop. I so need to win the lottery now...

Anyway, just had to share the adorable-angry-ness in the hopes that sharing it would somehow lessen the urge to spend all my savings. It hasn't...at least not yet. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

On a different note, I wanted to thank Sharon Hart for the "Brilliante" blog award--though really it should be going to Chica and Pumuckl as much as me because part of the reason Sharon is so kindly giving me the award is because of my pretty new blog design--but most of the credit for that goes to C&P. But hey, I'll take love everywhere I find it--so thanks Sharon! (Since I received this award before I'm not going to give it out again but I wanted to express my thanks--especially because I know Sharon is very selective in who she compliments, so this really is quite an honor.) Unlike the typical award post, Sharon used her commentary on this award as a chance to talk about the role of humility in art--it's a very thought-provoking entry and one well-worth reading; I recommend it.

4 bits of commenty goodness:

Cats said... 10/7/08, 4:58 AM

Another talented artist! Concatulashuns on your award :) Sharon Hart has good a very nice blog too!

BeadedTail said... 10/7/08, 8:54 PM

Very cute shop!

Congratulations on your award too!

KimberlyRies said... 10/7/08, 9:31 PM

Congrats on your blog award!

Love the angry candy corn!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said... 10/8/08, 8:19 PM

I checked out the angry food and forwarded it to a bunch of people, who also loved it. Excellent!