Sunday, October 12, 2008

Catnip distracts my kitties from their attempts to take over the world

It finally dawned on me (with my Bittersweeets entry) that I need to find other things to write about besides the stuff I make. Granted, I'm just amazingly talented and smart and funny so I can see why it would take a while for my lovely (and oh-so-modest) self-aggrandizing charm to wear off, but still.

Anywhozzle, I'm going to start sharing more of the stuff I love from other crafters and artists on etsy. That way we can all pretend that I'm not solely writing this blog in the hopes that people will buy stuff from me and me alone as part of my cats' plan to take over the world.

(Wait, did I just type that aloud? I really need to develop a better brain-to-fingers filter. I wonder if Google could invent something like their Mail Goggles for bloggers like me who don't even need a few drinks to type foolish things? My kitties will be so ticked that I gave their plans away; I wonder if I can bribe them with more catnip...)

Blah blah blah. Boy do I take forever to get to my point! Well, here it is (finally!). ShaggyChic has some adorable stuff for pets, including these cute catnip fortune cookies. I bought a few for my cats the other week and they adore them--to the point that I am embarassed to take pictures of the ones in my house because they are already so battered and dirty. I even sent one through the wash (when my cats like toys they make them filthy fast) and the cats still like it, despite the fact that the detergent must have removed most/all of the catnip smell. (I think it's because they seem to be the perfect weight and size for carrying around and tossing in the air.)

Anyway, if you're looking for a fun treat for your kitties, these have a stamp of approval from Zorro, Allie Mae, Puma and Snacker--and my four kitties hardly ever agree on anything!

Then again, if you think my kitties would make wonderful world rulers, you can also feel free to stop by my etsy or cafepress shops and support their mission.

(For anyone wondering, no, I am not writing this review due to compensation or blackmail; that is, unless you count the remaining shreds of my non-self-centered-ness blackmailing me to write about someone other than myself )

11 bits of commenty goodness:

agoodwitchtoo said... 10/13/08, 6:43 AM

LOL.... I have a vision of kitties holding you at gunpoint...

Mishkat said... 10/13/08, 12:09 PM

My cats have these and they adore them. They even "gave" one (we actually stole it from their stash, but don't tell them!) to my mother-in-law's cat, Molly, and it's a huge favorite with her too. Great toys!

PurrPrints said... 10/13/08, 6:18 PM

goodwitch--it hasn't happened yet, but I wouldn't swear my cats could never do that either...Lol

mish--I know, cats just seem to love them huh?

BeadedTail said... 10/13/08, 7:52 PM

Wouldn't this be a different world if cats took over? Long naps, play, eat, naps, catnip - purrfect! Plus, we'd get to play with awesome toys like those cookies. Isabella and Angel love Casbah Kitten toys too.

PurrPrints said... 10/13/08, 8:24 PM

BT--good point--perhaps I'll write in "Zorro/Allie" for my vote this November... ;)

Rose Works Jewelry said... 10/14/08, 10:17 AM

LOl - you crack me up! I can just picture your cats ruling the world :P

maryeb said... 10/14/08, 1:29 PM

I love your sense of humor :)

Those catnip fortune cookies are very cute, but I'm not sure anything would distract my cat from trying to take over the house. She thinks she already has and she's probably right.

Cats said... 10/14/08, 7:44 PM

All kitties secretly plan to take over the world some day...

Nice post!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said... 10/14/08, 8:30 PM

nip nip nip nip nip
oh sorry, where was I??? distracted by the nip nip nip I guess.

I would loooooooooove these!! Especially with a 20 paw up review.

Caroline said... 10/14/08, 8:45 PM

I just wanted so say that this post made me smile :)

Deb DiSalvo said... 10/15/08, 5:54 PM

You are too funny! LOVE reading your blog and I may have to get a few of those catnip fortune cookies for my Stella!