Thursday, October 2, 2008

$15 PurrPrints store credit giveaway and new awards

Beyond my monthly contest for newsletter subscribers I'm offering two giveaways this month. One I don't have all the details for yet (but I'll let you know as soon as I do!), but the other one just went up on the beautiful blog HandmadeShowcase. You can read the brief interview she conducted with me and enter the giveaway over on her blog--have fun! It's for a $15 store credit to my etsy shop--the perfect amount for, say, picking a custom pendant (like the ones shown here) in your choice of design and colors.

I've also been the lucky and grateful recipient of some new blog awards--three of them (lucky me!). Two came from MyPoochLife and one from ThreeFatesDesign. You can see the pretty awards on my new awards page by either clicking on "awards" in the navigation bar above or just following this link to my awards page. I never know who has already received these awards so I'm hesitant to pass them along and end up just giving them to people who already have them, but I really appreciate receiving them--thank you!

2 bits of commenty goodness:

S. A. Hart said... 10/2/08, 9:02 PM

Becca, you've won another awrd because of the great re-design of your blog! Check out my blog for the details. Congratulations

Anonymous said... 10/5/08, 5:35 PM

I LOVE your new blog - it is simply amazing! You totally rock! Glad you got the fused glass pendants up in your shop - I hope they do really well. Take care.