Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pending Pendants

Now that my struggles with glaze are sufficiently resolved, and I was able to get some photos of my new pendants that I was actually okay with (you have to be picky about these things on etsy--there are so many awesome product photos on there! To be honest, I'm still not completely satisfied with mine...), my necklaces are finally going up in my shop.

(Pause for thunderous applause.)

Okay, okay, I guess it's a bit premature to expect all that stomping and cheering. Anyway, some of these are in the store already, some are ones I haven't listed yet (I'm spacing it out to one new listing a day). However, if you see one you want and it's not in my store, by all means feel free to contact me--no waiting required (unless you're into that kinda thing, that is).

A few more details for the information inclined:
* The artwork on each pendant is a miniature of one of my original drawings.
* Each piece of art has been carefully hand-cut (and, in some cases, hand-colored) by me.
* Each pendant is glazed for added shine and durability.
* The pendants are all strung on a lovely satin cord with pretty chinese button knots and overhand loops to fasten them in the back.
* Most of the pendants are made with bamboo, a very eco-friendly woody grass with lovely grain patterns.
* 15% of the sale price on any of my chokers that sell by Sept. 1st will go to an animal charity--specifically team efa's animal charity of the month.

Comments, ideas, advice, critiques, questions, and anything else you can think of (other than just unproductive hateful bile--but I just don't suspect that will be an issue with any of my lovely readers) are always welcomed.

5 bits of commenty goodness:

Miss Crystal said... 8/20/08, 11:29 PM

So Cute! I love these kitties.

Three Fates said... 8/21/08, 9:29 AM

I love these. They really are adorable. :D

BeadedTail said... 8/21/08, 10:56 AM

More wonderful pendants!

Be sure to stop by my blog today!

Miss Crystal said... 8/22/08, 8:57 PM

Thanks for the comments on my blog changes. I like the charity links too.

If you head to this website you will find a button on the left that says link to us. If you click that they will provide you with the html code that you copy. You just go into your blog layout, select add new gadget, select html code and then paste your code in there and save. Hopefully that will help. On that same site you can get buttons for the other charity links I have.

As for the 3 columns, I just searched google for blogger layouts and most places will provide you with the code and how to install it on your blog.

Have a good weekend!

Meg said... 8/29/08, 9:49 AM

these are sooooo cute!!!!