Sunday, August 10, 2008

Introduction to the PurrPrints blog

PurrPrints is the name of my line of arts and crafts, most of which are cat-themed (my cats own me--you can see the effects of their bossy...err, inspiration on etsy, cafepress, and zazzle). After much encouragement from a few wonderful etsians I've finally come around to starting a blog. However, even though I'm certifiably obsessed with etsy, cats, and art/crafts I'm also way too ADD to confine myself to those topics alone--so there will also probably be entries on everything from academia (I'm getting a PhD currently) and writing (I'm a total word nerd) to random new musical interests and the wonder of squidoo.

I'll also try to be very responsive, so whether it's comments, entrecard drops, or requests, you can expect to hear back from me.

3 bits of commenty goodness:

S. A. Hart said... 8/11/08, 2:59 AM

Thanks for stopping by my blog and appreciating the comments I made about famous artists who also have painted cats! I wish you well with your blog. Feel free to swing by the Artist's Muse at whenever you have some spare time, I always have something to say about art or artists!

Art for Hair said... 8/11/08, 11:55 AM

I love your new blog, it looks great! Have fun blogging :)

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said... 8/11/08, 1:22 PM

Your blog is cool and we love anything cat! We will be back to see more!
Your FL furiends,