Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cat-Lover Gifts under 20 dollars

Zen Cat Journal: This journal, available only in the PurrPrints cafepress store, sells for just 12.99--and you get to choose the type of paper that goes inside (blank, lined, grid--even a task journal).

Pointillist Postage Stamp
: This is an actual postage stamp, available only at the PurrPrints zazzle store--order a pack of 20 for only 18.05 and send your mail in art-tastic style--stamp choices include standard first class stamps, postcard stamps, priority mail stamps, and a bunch more my pitiful brain can't recall right now.

PurrPrints Magnets: These lovely magnets are only 4 dollars apiece and there's 10 designs to choose from in the PurrPrints etsy store, so why not pick up a few?

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Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said... 8/12/08, 5:48 PM

I love your stuff! I'm glad I found you (through Entrecard)!