Contests & Giveaways

Here you can find info on any active giveaways (both those on the PurrPrints blog or giveaways of PurrPrints items on other blogs.)

Giveaways with deadlines:
None currently

Ongoing contests/giveaways:

The newsletter contest is periodic; some newsletters will include a giveaway just for newsletter subscribers--usually a cat photo contest with a chance to win a gift certificate to PurrPrints on etsy. Learn more about this contest and the newsletter, or simply sign up for the newsletter using the form in the upper left corner.

EtsyGiveaways, a blog I co-author with a few others, is also a great spot to find giveaways all over the internet of etsy items. If you're a giveaway addict like me it's a great place to visit (or to get overwhelmed by all the cool giveaways going on--consider yourselves forewarned!)