Reviews from PurrPrints' Customers

One of the reasons I love selling my work independently is that it allows me to actually interact with my customers directly; a particularly wonderful treat is the chance to hear their feedback. Below are some of the reviews I've received from customers that reminded me just why I am so lucky to have the opportunity of selling PurrPrints online. You can also see all the feedback I've received on etsy here.

"I don't think I can possibly convey in words how incredible this portrait is. It's breathtaking. I did a private alchemy request for this item after browsing PurrPrints shop and she spent so much time working with me to make sure it would be exactly what I wanted. Numerous emails were sent back and forth. She sent a few sketches to make sure she was on the right track before beginning the actual portrait and she made sure to keep me informed and involved every step of the way. ..

This was meant to be an anniversary gift for my husband on 8/25 but when I opened it I simply could not wait until then to give it to him. He actually had to catch his breath when he first saw it - I'm not kidding! It really is breathtaking! He really enjoyed picking out each of our cats from the drawing. And, I know he'll never admit it, but I think I saw some tears in his eyes when noticing the symbolism of Sabrina (who passed away two years ago) being in the position of the big cat's heart...

I am so unbelievably happy with this that I just want to shout from the rooftops that everyone should check out this shop! I'd go do it now, but it's a little late and I don't think my neighbors would appreciate it. ;) I'm a little jealous because my husband wants to put this in his office so I won't get to look at it all the time. I guess I'll have to just order another one soon! :) Thank you so much Becca!" -StrayNation

"Hard to believe one tiny magnet can be so filled with the essence of Cat. Just a wonderful artist with terrific service, too. I'm delighted, thank you!" -Samsli

"I highly recommend this seller! The print and ACEO I ordered are even more fun in person than the appear in the pictures! I'm so happy with them. Thank you!" -Earcmra

"Wonderful personalized ACEO! Purrprints spent so much time selecting the final colors and textures on this - and it's even better than I expected. Great communication and fast shipping - I highly recommend PurrPrints!" -Mishkat