Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A thank-you to a cool steampunk blog

Just wanted to share this as a kind of thank you to The Grand Design, who featured me on her blog today - I love steampunk stuff, and she has some awesome steampunk goodies, so if you're as much of a fan of steampunk as I am you should check her out :)

I love this Lock and Key necklace that's in her artfire shop especially.

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Liz's Wares said... 1/31/10, 4:54 AM

Hello fellow Etsy Blogger!
I was awarded the Sunshine award and I am now passing it on to you.
The Sunshine Award, which is for blogs that inspire positivity and creativity.

I like your blog and I am now following it. If you'd like to follow me back

Crocheted Little Things said... 1/31/10, 10:16 PM

WOW I love how creative people can be!

I left you a little award on my blog

Mishkat said... 2/3/10, 9:19 AM

Congratulations on the feature! And re your question below - If you've never sewn before, I *highly* recommend that you take a few lessons in sewing (you can usually do it through a fabric store - I think!) I learned how to sew in Home Ec classes in high school - I hated the classes but I am really glad that I had someone sit down with me and show me the basics. I used to make all my own clothes but I just do home sewing now (curtains, quilts, etc.)

If you do know the basics, you might want to try making a small cat blanket or quilt first. Here is a a "Cage comforter" pattern that's pretty easy:

My cats love these :) (I have also made some for donation.)

Hope this helps a little!

Mishkat said... 2/3/10, 9:23 AM

P.S. There are more tutorials on other things to sew here: (look on sidebar for "Tutorials").

pwl said... 2/3/10, 10:26 PM

I've got some awesome earrings from The Grand Design - made of watch parts. I'd never thought of them as steampunk. :)

Love your cats!