Friday, January 1, 2010

Feature Friday: New Year dreams

Since it's the new year, a time commonly spent dreaming big dreams for what we want for the year to come, I decided this Feature Friday should focus on some things I've recently favorited on etsy that are out of my price range but that I absolutely adore. Why not dream big, right?

The first is this lovely terrarium - JeffreyJamesModern has a bunch of cool terrariums, actually, but this is one of my favorites.

I'm also very much in love with this gorgeous jewelry box from Jim Jenkins.
Doesn't look like it would hold much - but who cares! Maybe I could sell most of my jewelry and get this instead? ;)

I also, on a less stlyishly modern note, really love this grizzly bear bean bag from ChicSinDesign. It would not "match" my home decor whatsoever, but I don't care--I'd still love it.

So how about you all? Have anything you've been dreaming over for a while?

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BeadedTail said... 1/1/10, 5:14 PM

Those are all great things to dream about! At this time of year, I just start dreaming of April 16th getting here quickly.