Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Any other sewers out there?

So my husband, much to my delight, got me a sewing machine for xmas. I am a very beginning sewer, but I'm not thrilled at the prospect of working my way through traditional intro sewing projects, like pillows or aprons. So I have a few questions for anyone out ther who might know a smidge about sewing:

1) Any interesting baby sewing projects you can recommend? Say for funky-but-simple plushies, or comfy-and-casual-fun dresses, or anything else suited to a not-too-traditionally-domestic woman who's just learning to sew?

2) Any good resources where you've found patterns or project inspiration that you just love and want to share?

3) Any general "you must try" or "don't ever do this" kinda general sewing tips to share?

Also, of course, feel free to share anythign else that come sot mind

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