Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday Cats

I've brought my winter kitty cat designs back out of hiding since the holidays are just around the corner.

You can get cards (greeting cards and postcards) with your choice of background color and these designs at my zazzle shop (you can also find magnets, mugs, tees, stickers and other fun stuff with these designs on them there too--and you can change the colors on any of 'em).

My zazzle shop also has the caroling kitties design, "Deck the halls with boughs of catnip"

...or you can get note cards identical to the ones shown here from the card section of my etsy shop.

4 bits of commenty goodness:

Lisette said... 11/23/09, 1:50 PM

Those are cute (as always!)

There is a present for you at my blog :

Lisette said... 11/23/09, 4:10 PM

Hi, you are very welcome. And yes, the little Z stuff is mine (Blending Blue is my side kick project)

BeadedTail said... 11/23/09, 10:48 PM

Those cards are so cute!

cabin + cub said... 11/24/09, 2:46 PM

Very cute! Eeep.. I can't believe Christmas is coming up so fast.. I have been asleep like that cat!