Friday, November 13, 2009

Feature Friday: Crocheted Little Things

Crocheting is one of my favorite hobbies--I make amigurumi (mostly cats--like the one in this post) and blankets mostly. I've had the good fortune to work with Lu, of CrochetedLittleThings and PiccolaDonna, through EtsyGiveaways though, and I just have to share the adorable-ness that is in her shops with you all.

She's big into cupcake crochet. It's impressive--I'm starting to think the woman can turn darn near anything into a cupcake! Like this bath mitt, this little clutch, or even these earrings. Impressive, right?

She has what she calls more traditional crochet (i.e. not so much with the cupcakes) in her PiccolaDonna shop, such as the gloves shown here
(it's hard to find people making fully fingered gloves on etsy, so I was doubly impressed by these).

Check her shop out--and her blogs, IndieDiscounts (a sister site to EtsyGiveaways that features sales being offered by crafters) and CrochetedLittleThings

2 bits of commenty goodness:

The Creek Cats said... 11/13/09, 3:49 PM

I bought one of your cute catnip magnets off of zazzle this week! Can't wait till it arrives. I plan on giving it away as a Christmas gift. Your designs are so cute!

Luisa Patterson said... 11/15/09, 12:52 PM

Hi Becca, thank you so much for featuring my works :)