Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday sneak-peek (& a few questions): PurrPrints Keychains

The gal on etsy who has turned my designs into magnets in the past was having a big sale last month, so I added a new goodie to my order: keychains. I don't have them up in my shop yet because these pics aren't up to snuff, but I couldn't hold back my excitement at sharding them. They're 1.25" big (the roung part, that is) and just adorable (I know, there I go being modest again. Aren't I the charming one?)

What do you think? Should I sell these, or just give them out as promos? What price would you expect? (Between etsy's base 20 cent fee and PayPal's base 30 cent fee, plus the percentages each take, I'm trying to decide if a low price-point item like this is actually cost-effective to sell or not)

7 bits of commenty goodness:

Ailurophile said... 7/5/09, 4:57 PM

They are all indeed very pretty. Love the cute curling tails of the kitties. All the best with these keychains. I think they'll be a success. Have a good week :)

Higgins Design Studio said... 7/5/09, 6:38 PM

they are adorable!
with your cost, and the Etsy & Paypal costs, multiply by 3 and if it sounds too steep, you might want to have them be an incentive gift... buy 3 get a free keychain...
Love the colorful backgrounds!

Laura said... 7/5/09, 10:12 PM

Super cute - maybe you could have a keychain, magnet, and button as a set. I'd buy!

Laura said... 7/5/09, 10:42 PM

I have an award for you over at my Cat in the Clover blog.

Mishkat said... 7/5/09, 11:09 PM

Those really look great! I'm clueless about marketing, but I like the set idea that Laura proposed.

BeadedTail said... 7/5/09, 11:36 PM

Those turned out wonderful! I like Laura's idea too!

storybeader said... 7/6/09, 11:38 PM

they're very cute! If they cost less than a dollar to make, I'd just round my costs up $1 and give them away! Maybe put a few up for sale (for 2-3 dollars) - word might get around...