Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun-find Friday: Beat the heat with batik

One of this month's EtsyBlogger's carnivals is about picking a shop on etsy that we think has especially "hot" items for summer. I was already planning to write about one of my new fave clothing shops on etsy, SolunaCR, and since this shop fits the carnival theme perfectly it bumped me off my procrastinatory tendencies so I could get in on the carnival deadline :)

Anyway, I ordered a pair of pants from SolunaCR earlier this summer and I'm absolutely in love with them. They're light, comfy, and fit me perfectly, thanks to Juan (the man behind SolunaCR) working with me to make a pair that fit my measurements. His English isn't perfect (he's based out of Costa Rica so it's not his native language), but his customer service is impeccable. In fact, I've just ordered two more pairs of pants from him since I liked this first pair so much.

All his stuff is batiked by hand, and most, if not all, is handsewn too. Highly recommended if you're looking for some last-minute additions to your summer wardrobe--or some early additions for next summer :)

5 bits of commenty goodness:

BeadedTail said... 7/31/09, 2:26 PM

The tank top is fabulous and how fun to have handmade pants from Costa Rica!

Mishkat said... 8/3/09, 7:59 AM

That's a gorgeous shop!

storybeader said... 8/3/09, 11:25 PM

great looking cloth! I love batik!

ChezChani said... 8/5/09, 9:20 PM

Oh wow, great stuff...maybe I should be treating myself to an item of clothing that has NEVER been worn by another person!

Beth said... 8/11/09, 12:21 PM

Oh, that is a cool shop!