Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun-find Friday: When in rain, do as the rain does?

Due to some absolutely icky family drama that I will not drown anyone with here, I've been feeling fairly down the last few months. I'm not usually a big "retail therapy" kinda gal, but when I (re)discovered this necklace recently, I decided it was the perfect way to remind myself that if you're having a gray day you might as well flaunt it--or be pretty about it--or, I dunno, at least support handmade while indulging in your retail therapy? Anyway, I splurged, and got myself this lovely piece. It hasn't arrived yet, but I'm planning on slapping it on the first chance I get, and wearing it to every ridiculous drama-laden family outing for the next year. If nothing else, it will give my fingers something to fidget with when I'm feeling the overwhelming urge to slap someone for being horrid :)

4 bits of commenty goodness:

Mishkat said... 7/10/09, 4:32 PM

That really is gorgeous! I actually LIKE rainy days, but can do without any more family drama for the rest of my life. I sympathize, and hope things get more normal soon.

P.S. some people are just addicted to the drama! We have an in-law whose family is so into it that I can't keep track of which one is not speaking to the other. I think they thrive on it.

Nothinglikeit said... 7/10/09, 7:28 PM

I like it - A LOT! Besides, without rain we wouldn't have flowers, right?
Have not visited your blog in a while, I've enjoyed reading though your posts.

Be well my cat loving friend...

storybeader said... 7/10/09, 10:09 PM

sorry to hear things are not bright and sunny. Good for you, I'm glad you got something to fight back with! {:-Deb

BeadedTail said... 7/10/09, 11:12 PM

Sorry to hear you are having to deal with family drama but what a great way to turn it around!