Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Issokeety! (Part 1)

That (issokeety) is my phonetic approximation of the cry that escapes me every time I see a cute kitty somewhere. It wouldn't matter if I was in the middle of teaching a class on the ever-boring comma-splice--if, somehow, a cat were to walk past the classroom all brain functions would cease, that cry would pop out, and I'd be forced to try to convince the cat to come over and be petted. (I never go to them--I know it would accomplish nothing).

Today, then, I decided to do a search for "cat" on etsy to see if any irresistible kitty cuteness came up. There was plenty to love, so I'm breaking my post into parts so as not to overload your brains with tooo much felinity.

First, there's this adorable fat cat glass bead. I figure this is the perfect way to adore my love of fat cats without ever having to actually allow one of my own cats to lurk in that unhealthy state. Teri Persing has a bunch of different fat cat beads too, in all different colors, but I just couldn't resist this adorable creamsicle-colored one.

Then there's this funky vintage lenticular necklace
 from shixie (lenticular, apparently, is the technical term for one of those faux-animated wiggly plastic card thingies--though I think I might still prefer to call it that, just to annoy myself). The cat appears to jump through the 9 in the animation, and now I want it, and I don't even care if it is technically an old logo for a battery company and kind of creepy to boot. Yay for delightfully creepy! So if anyone is feeling the urge to buy $90 worth of goodies from my etsy shop so I can justify turning around and buying this necklace, please feel free ;)

And now for the one that inspired my afternoon etsy jaunt: Farley from justamoment (who, incidentally and unsurprisingly, has a lot of kick @$$ photos). 

Isn't this a freakin' awesome photo? C'mon, you know you want to say it with me..."Issokeety!!!"

Alright, more cute etsykitties to come next time...

7 bits of commenty goodness:

renovia said... 5/13/09, 8:36 PM

I love teri's stuff. I have at least 4-5 different pendants by her.

Laura said... 5/13/09, 10:09 PM

Her beads are adorable! And I like your "kitty scream". I think I have one too, and my husband dreads hearing it - LOL!

BeadedTail said... 5/13/09, 11:30 PM

The same cry escapes me every time I see a kitty too! I can spot them anywhere too and never fail to let everyone know it!

Love your cat finds too! I've seen Teri's beads and have come thisclose to getting one but haven't just yet but probably will soon!

Higgins Design Studio said... 5/14/09, 6:45 AM

You found some wonderful kitty things on Etsy! Wow, they make me miss my kitty Max so... He was one of those that no matter what we tried, he was 22 lbs. The vet couldn't figure how he gained weight on diet food... He's been gone now for 2 1/2 years... after being my best bud for 18 years.
Wish I had the proper environment to get another... but living basically in one room which is also my clay studio... a kitten could be disasterous... I'll just keep giving love to the neighbor's outdoor cat who thinks of me as family...
PS - you've got lots of kitty stuff to warrent the squeel of delight too!

Mishkat said... 5/14/09, 7:29 AM

Great finds! I have always liked that battery logo for some reason. And the beads and kitten photo are lovely. Renovia has made some gorgeous necklaces out of Teri's beads.

Auroras_Garden said... 5/14/09, 11:58 PM

KIIITTTYYY! Thats all I can say...KIIITTTTYYY!!!

We love kitties! And I think yours are the cutest of them all. Maylee does too!

Even she cries out KIIITTTYYY! when she sees your stuff LOL

Meghann said... 5/15/09, 11:47 AM