Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good enough to drink?

I was both excited and disappointed when I found out today that CafePress is now making it possible to put your own designs on Sigg water bottles--excited because I love these things, disappointed because I literally just bought a plain one for my husband yesterday--and to think he could have been sporting a PurrPrints design! Now I'm just trying to come up with an excuse as to why we'd need another one of these indestructible bottles when we already have 2 - suggestions, anyone?

Oh--and if you want one, right now I have them in 4 of my designs (Floppy Cat, Kitty Love, Hypnocat, and Sabrina and Friends), but I can put them up in any design you like (just let me know). 

I'd also welcome suggestions as to what PurrPrints design should go up next in its very own CafePress shop (I know, I'd rather do it all handmade, but my dissertation will be putting some extreme limitations on what I can make over the next year, so Cafepress is my best bet for keeping PurrPrints still running in some shape or form).

9 bits of commenty goodness:

katztales said... 5/7/09, 8:13 PM

Thanks for dropping by. Always good to make new friends. Love the name of your shop. How many cats do you have and what are their names? And do they live in the shop?

BeadedTail said... 5/7/09, 9:59 PM

Congrats on the new bottles! Those are pretty cool and I certainly think they are way better than the plain ones you have already so you should certainly get your husband a PurrPrints bottle!

Anya said... 5/8/09, 1:10 AM

What a lovely bottle,
with a beautiful Cat print ;)
The other prints are also cool!!

Mishkat said... 5/8/09, 8:09 AM

I really like the water bottle! What a great idea. Your husband definitely needs one.

angelshair said... 5/9/09, 9:03 AM

What a great idea!!! And your designs are really beautiful and unique!

storybeader said... 5/10/09, 10:14 AM

I found CafePress a few weeks ago - thinking of making some coffee cups for storybeader

Ailurophile said... 5/11/09, 7:52 PM

Oh that's exciting..maybe you can 'lose' one of the bottles..and get a new one..

All the best for the dissertation. Hope you have a great week :)

KimberlyRies said... 5/12/09, 6:22 PM

Love the new water bottles. Those are really cool. You need to go ahead and get one made for your husband. Maybe for father's day from your cats??

Anita said... 5/12/09, 7:06 PM

Your blog design is so beautifurrr.

Congratulations for your prints!