Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ah, Summer, how I adore thee...

...let me count the ways: late lit nights, strappy dresses and flip-flops, crickets and fireflies, outdoor events, water parks and, best of all, no school-stuff to attend.

Of course, right now I'm not so thrilled we're already being hit by full on summer heat because my a.c. is broken, has been for over a week, and (due to a very long and terribly dull story that I will not torture you all with) can't be fixed for at least another week. So maybe my list should be ah, summer, how I would adore thee if only I could get to sleep at night without feeling like an icky sticky sweaty mess.

How did people go so long before air conditioning? I think I now understand why southern accents are such a slow drawl...the heat sucks so much out of you it'd be impossible to talk at a fast clip :)

Still, sweaty nights and all, I'm still happy summer has begun--and I hope to be posting about some of my favorite summery items from etsy soon.

8 bits of commenty goodness:

Mishkat said... 5/26/09, 5:19 PM

I don't have air conditioning in my office at work, and it can be really difficult sometimes (it's hard to do technical writing when you're incredibly hot). We didn't have an air conditioner at home until last year, but we have cross ventilation which really helps. I sometimes wonder how people did it in the South, though!

storybeader said... 5/26/09, 8:09 PM

yes, air conditioning is a nice commodity in the south. I guess people had lots of fans... and they slept with the doors open, hopefully facing south!

Laura said... 5/26/09, 11:12 PM

And it was super muggy humid today, wasn't it! Gotta have that AC!

Mona Mozano said... 5/27/09, 8:28 PM

Hope the A/C is working soon!

BeadedTail said... 5/27/09, 11:12 PM

The first things you list are certainly what's best about summer but hot, humid days with no A/C aren't. I sure hope things cool off at night at least so you can get some relief and hope that A/C is fixed soon!

Anya said... 5/29/09, 3:27 AM

We need no air conditioning,
its here almost cold......LOL
I love it always to read your post !!
Have a great weekend :)
Your Dutch friends
Anya (@^.^@)

Auroras_Garden said... 6/1/09, 11:17 PM

I would die if my central air went out. I am saying prayers for your a/c tonight, and for you that cool breezes blow your way! I have no idea how people lived before a/c...I think they may have smelled bad....just a hunch. Sweating so bad all the time ya know...YUCK! LOL

Ailurophile said... 6/2/09, 6:50 AM

Hope your air conditioner gets repaired soon. It's hard indeed to imagine life without it..

Look forward to seeing more of yours and others' pretty items here on the blog. Take care :)