Friday, November 14, 2008

Just listed: Winter cat cards

Well, I've finally gotten my tookis around to putting up the first of my holiday-themed cards in my etsy shop: The Catnip Carolers (thanks to Sharon for her suggestions on some slight edits to my original design).

Anywho, I have 2 other designs that are equally adorable (I know, my perpetual modesty just continues to awe and amaze, yes?) that will be going up in the next couple days, but I'll include a little preview of them now just for you, my super-special blog readers.

I know, I know--by this point you're probably feeling overwhelmed with the whole "awe and amaze" thing (super-modesty and a super-special preview? my goodness!), so I'll leave you to soak it all up in peace by bestowing my final gracious act of the day: shutting up. ;)

13 bits of commenty goodness:

BeadedTail said... 11/14/08, 9:53 PM

Great cards! But, seems that you knew that already!! :)

Sprinkles the cat said... 11/15/08, 1:09 AM

Oh my gosh, those are so cute! And I love your page:) Great job with everyhting, your a very creative person!! Good luck! I am sure you will get lots of orders:))
Xxoo, Sprinkles

Steppie said... 11/15/08, 2:29 AM

Such a cute Christmas card!

Mishkat said... 11/15/08, 9:40 AM

These are great! The snow angel one is my favorite, of course :)

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said... 11/15/08, 4:47 PM

Adorable! And the snow angel one is great. Looks like I'm in for more spending! :)

S. A. Hart said... 11/15/08, 4:50 PM

You're most welcome...The cards are absolutely charming!

Lux said... 11/16/08, 12:33 AM

Those are so cute! What exactly is RME, though?

Nothinglikeit said... 11/16/08, 3:08 PM

Very cute! Love your kitties!


Angus Mhor said... 11/16/08, 8:07 PM

You're right, they're muy cute!

Lux said... 11/16/08, 9:09 PM

Thank you for explaining RME to us dense ones. We have yet another question, though ... so you have to deposit money into this RME account since it doesn't take credit cards? Sorry for being so pesky! ;-)

Cats said... 11/17/08, 10:02 AM

No need to be modest - the cards are indeed very pretty. Hope all is going well with you. Sorry couldn't vast last few days. The jewelry items in the previous posts are stunning!

HandiCrafts said... 11/20/08, 4:41 PM

Those are really cute! :)

Marjorie Dawson said... 11/24/08, 2:53 PM

I love the boughs of catnip card lol!!!!