Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cell phone charms, cat tags, key chains, and zipper pulls

Who was it that said "if it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done"? Besides me, that is?

Anyway, after requests from a while back that I make cell phone charms, key chains and zipper pulls, I started doing some product testing. Now (at long last--whoo-hoo!) I've started to list them. Each of these shown here are hand-drawn, and can be attached to either a clip (for zipper pulls), a lanyard (for cell-phone charms) or a figure-8 style keychain. My current official listing is for the rainbow cat keychain, but you can get any of the ones shown here.

I'm still working out all the kinks on the cat tags as I wait to hear back from all my lovely product testers--the initial responses are favorable though (see Angus wearing his here, or Grr wearing her's here)--I'm simply working on figuring out the best way to attach them to cat collars so they don't dangle too low--so if you want one, feel free to ask and we can sort out the attachment that will work best for your cat's collar based on your individual needs.

8 bits of commenty goodness:

BeadedTail said... 11/22/08, 10:38 PM

Those look great! I noticed Grr wearing her's right away and knew it had to be one of your fabulous tags!

ESCUDERO said... 11/23/08, 1:46 AM
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ESCUDERO said... 11/23/08, 1:46 AM

Hi - Those tags are wonderful.....

Thanks for visiting my site...I just want to let you know that you're silly.....:) I thought your comment was pretty amusing...I guess that sometimes we have to let go and be as silly as we can.....It's fun! Have a good weekend...bye

Nothinglikeit said... 11/23/08, 8:39 AM

Cute charms! I need to go visit your shop today to see all of the fun stuff you've listed!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said... 11/24/08, 12:00 AM

ooooh, lovely! Time for another order!

Cats said... 11/25/08, 3:13 PM

Beautiful items as always! The kitties look so elegant in your designs.

Jessica said... 11/30/08, 7:50 PM

They are lovely! Well done :)

QuirkyDolls said... 12/2/08, 2:44 AM

love the rainbow cat stuff. My dd is gay and you know the "rainbow" is their flag. I'll go and check out your stuff for her gift.