Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A few Holiday dreams: Jewelry, part 1

I've been spending too much time lately drooling (note: this is bad for the keyboard, so don't look at pretty things you want if, say, you just got a new ergonomic keyboard to keep your wrists happy and your hubby might be particularly upset to find evidence of droll on it) over pretty things on etsy that would be so lovely to get for the holidays. Since I know I can't get all of them, I thought I'd just pretend I was filthy rich and could get anything I wanted and thus was showing them off as items already in my home--except instead I'm not at all, and I'd never let you into my messy home because it would take hours to clean it first, so I'm showing them off on my blog.

I know, I'm demented and strange, but in a (usually) harmless way. (Unless you ask some of my students. They might disagree that it's harmless. So I suggest not asking them; it's easier that way.)

Anyway, doing one entry on my drool-fest would be waaaay too long, so I'm going to break it into sections. This first section in my little fantasy-world series is on jewelry.

One of my fave jewelry-makers right now is the awesome steampunk stuff at CatherinetteRings (except they make more than rings, and neither of them are named Catherinette. I'm hoping this means they might be as demented-and-strange as I am, and might suddenly suffer such a strong demented-and-strange episode as to feel the overwhelming need to give me lots of beautiful jewelery. Unlikely? Of course--but hey, "likely" just gets so boring, ya know?).

All these pics are of CatherinetteRings's incredible stuff. Did I mention it was incredible? And that I love it? Oh, and, um, that it's incredible?

Yeah, I guess I covered that...

Anyway (wait, I already did that once this entry. Okay, definite sign it's time to wrap this sucker up), here's to hoping my hubby gets my heavy-handed hinting and buys me one of these beautiful pieces for the holidays this year! Especially one with moonstone or amber in it--hint, hint, and again with the hinting!

By the way, if you happen to rich, generous, and/or just demented-and-strange enough to want to buy me pretty things, you can see my full list of etsy faves here.

4 bits of commenty goodness:

ESCUDERO said... 11/12/08, 1:48 AM

Thanks for dropping by my site, and for your wonderful suggestions. Trust me I can always use feedback. Yes, after I get all paintings on Etsy, I'm going to look into prints. It's a great idea. Thanks

Nothinglikeit said... 11/12/08, 8:03 AM

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that steampunk jewelry!


Abounader Photography said... 11/12/08, 9:07 AM

Beautiful Jewelry!! Droolfest is right!

Angus Mhor said... 11/12/08, 10:34 PM

Although I much prefer jewelry on my collar vs. on a toe or in an ear, my mom is lovin' these pictures and will now have to join the hubby-hintin'-train. She beads a bit, too, and thinks steampunk is muy cool!

BTW-would you be willing to forward that questionnaire again? Thanks ever so.