Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday snapshots: Puma's unusual napping spot

Mm, it's so nice and cozy in here on Daddy's clothes.

Moooom! You're disturbing my nap with that bright flashy light!

6 bits of commenty goodness:

Laura said... 4/25/10, 9:21 PM

Well, guess what? My Newman sleeps in the same place! I have sweatpants on the shelf, and he loves it. Of course, it looks like a cat has been sleeping on my lap if I wear them!

BeadedTail said... 4/25/10, 9:43 PM

Clothes are the purrfect napping spot! Our clothes and even towels in the closets always have cat hair on them but they are just too cute to make them move.

The Creek Cats said... 4/26/10, 9:18 AM

Puma, you're so cute!

cabin + cub said... 4/26/10, 12:21 PM

awwwww.... so cozy! ;)

Mishkat said... 4/27/10, 7:48 PM

That's a purrfect spot - we don't think it's unusual at all!

P.S. our mom says she really likes the poem below! How true it is.

Anonymous said... 4/30/10, 9:20 PM

thx u very much, i learn a lot